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A Story I will remember

Mum and I were hosting one of my closest friends for dinner at the farm. It was a nice day out with a nice view of greenery and plenty of the sun and breeze. We ate samosas, a variety of chaat and chilled Thumsup. In the midst of the conversation, Mum brought up a story, one that is for the archives. During a conversation she felt the need to stand up and state her opinion in a bold, but simple way when something was holding her back… and my mural enabled her to bring out her Inner Kali. The characters came alive from the wall and encouraged and exuded power and a narrative, which drove her to express herself in the way she wanted to.

It bowled me over. I was awestruck. I loved to hear a personal anecdote of my work creating an impact on others but this was beyond anything I had imagined, especially so because it was my Mum, my inspiration and a person I look up with love and respect. My work is very close to my heart and it deals with unraveling the Inner Kali, finding the power within and authentic self-expression. It makes me feel so whole, so complete as an artist when this communication resonates with another.

Thank you dear Universe...

Heartfelt Gratitude

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