Whencut Goddamn Fashion Line

Creating the fashion line...

Ever Since I was a child, I dreamed of style, glamour and fashion. Today, as a adult, fashion & me are ONE entity. It is so much of who I am as an individual... it gives me the confidence to be me in my wholeness. When I think of an important event of my life, what I am going to wear or wore is the first thing I think about. (Did I look fab?)  When I watch Mum pick from her fine collection of saris for a party or when I am gushing at people I meet for their impeccable style quotient, my heart skips a beat. (truly!) 

One of my most heartfelt desires had come true with the launch of my first ever Whencut Goddamn Limited Edition fashion line. When I first touched the fabrics... when I saw the final outfit on a hanger... when I wore it and people complimented my look and I told them, "I'm wearing me! I made this!" - each moment transported me to heaven, my land of dreams.... I truly hope you enjoy seeing, wearing and honoring these pieces as much as I do creating them.