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“I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.”

Elsie de Wolfe

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An introvert who loves deep conversations about anything creative, soul stirring or sparks joy for the heart! 

An Artist from the heart.

A Writer from the soul.

A Singer on a Spiritual Journey.

Quote Worthy Content Creator.

Self Love Proponent. 


I am not here to be understood, I am here to exist in my entirety – In and embracing the way I want to be accepted as. Not just bud, the full bloom. I am not here just to settle what’s served to me, If I want a sweet chilly paste that will take me twenty-seven years and eighty-two days, I vehemently shall wait, But not settle for anything else, Nor shall I drop my prerequisites for the love I think I deserve. I am not here – waiting, or seeking permission to love or to be loved, I am here....

Let's connect, form new authentic bonds & bloom together! 


The artist’s work is a reflection of him and the world he curates. A spiritually aware soul with a deep emotional connect to the people he engages with. Born into a large family with people from various karmas, heirlooms intrigue him – how objects, narratives, values are passed down through generations. An empath – understanding their energy, their stories, and sensibilities is something that comes naturally to him since a child. He is a visual storyteller through his luminous paintings, murals, poetry, fashion, singing and self love advocacy.


Being a shy child, the youngest of four, and at the receiving end of massive bullying for being himself, he has honed mind, body and soul as an adult today. Through his work he journals the journey of reclaiming his Own power, finding the lost voice within, owning his choices, resilience to finding the truest, most authentic Self there can be. Through each woman, and through each painting, there lies a story within. A sense of longing, a sense of strength, of overcoming fears and obstacles... The work isn’t drowning in pain and sorrow – it is created with the prowess of reflection. It is transformative in its narrative, of authorizing power, of recreating your own identity with consciousness.

Whencut Goddamn 

Artist Statement 

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