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Goodness Gratefulness

I am blessed to be surrounded by loving and compassionate people who truly know how to make me feel special for being part of their life. If you are reading this, get the sign already you people! ;)

My address is.... (text me ;))

My friend Aneesha bought me beautiful flowers when she came to visit my Studio <3 Thank you fren!

I absolutely love having studio visits with my friends where they have such beautiful things to say about my art, offering me feedback and giving me ideas to improve - a thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you to each one of you who followed up and showed up at my Studio! <3

I recently went over to my dear friend's place where I interacted with members of her family over hot tea. It was a pleasant experience getting to know her niece, all of ten - so sensitive, full of energy and love towards all, especially her brothers. Having two sisters older to me I know the love a sister provides and I told her that her brothers were indeed fortunate to have her as their older sister... she went over and hugged her brother - it was truly so sweet and special. She insisted on showing me her bunnies and sharing stories of each and their distinctive personalities and how she cares for them on a daily basis and while walking down the steps, showed me her book collection and said, "well sometimes I take a week to finish off a book". I was Maha-impressed. When we shouted out bye to her, she didn't respond, so we waited for her to come down. She came down few moments later with this beautiful card adorned with metallic pens asking me to come back soon - awww!!! God bless you dear Niara!!

I am sworn to secrecy who this friend is who showed me her upcoming book (soo excited!! esp since I got a preview!) and when I flipped to the acknowledgements I was elated to see not one but two notes of gratitude for Whenky <3 Thank you for appreciating my presence and all that I joyously pour from my tunnel of love for my loved ones... I love being seen for me. All the very best my frennnn, sprinkling love, abundance and prosperity your way!!! (do I sound like Santa?)

I am so utterly flattered that so many of you read and loved reading my Debut Newsletter... thank you & stayed tuned for more dear! This is jussst the beginning! ;)

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