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A sweet Gesture

The most uncanniest things happen and we call them 'meant to be'. I was invited for a friend's wedding randomly and happened to actually attend it. (I can be social sometimes!) My VenkyVibe was caught by her cousin and we immediately hit it off. So much so that we kept in touch after with long phone calls, and sharing memes with each other on Instagram. This is key for me - consistency and I am very grateful for it.

Over the course of two years following unabashedaunty where I talk about Self Love and daily positivity, she reached out to me to do a feature. A takeover her page talking all things self love, positivity, fashion and art! It was a beautiful day where I recorded all things I loved doing. Shall share some snippets of the talk here.

She said she would love to gift me something - something she would custom make for me. I was so thrilled.

Many times when she was in town, we couldn't meet and I was getting restless... how could I not be? I was sure it was to be special. Finally, one day I received a parcel. It was truly filled with lots of love and joy.

Manasi made me a beautiful white shirt with a patterned buttons and a pocket and while I flipped to see the back, it had an embroidered VENKY on the back... it was the sweetest thing ever. Wrapped within the shirt was a beautiful copy of Austin Kleon's book 'Keep Going' (which was actually on my Amazon cart and an author I really wanted to read). Flipping through the book I found a handwritten note stating she hopes to keep in touch and keep learning together <3 It made my heart smile...

Signing off with love and gratitude!


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