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Working Whenky ~

There are some days filled with burning passion. I actually wake up with ideas to jot down the first thing in the morning. And there are days when I am somber and I need the first half to just be by myself. Case in point, I was invited to lunch to discuss a baby shower we were planning together and we just chattered for hours. We were waiting for the decorator to come to pitch some ideas and then one delay after the other, time just kept passing. Internally, I was getting restless. After I have begun working in my Studio, I have realized the power of day. Of time. Of working hours. Next time Whenky, next time – speak openly about yourself for yourself. You are valuable and so is your time.

I felt horrible for staying out so many hours to be amounting to close to nothing productive and I cursed myself (beep, beep, harsh self critic alert)

I promptly went to my studio at 5 and I kept my head down and began to work and by the time I saw the time, it was 11 pm. I think what’s the best about work (and life when you think about it) is intention. When you set the intention to do something – you most often do it. When we lose track of time and we let other things come in between and distract us, we do let it get to us and don’t achieve what we have to.

What I do remind myself on some days is, the day is not over yet. Even if it is developing an idea, reading a book or writing as I am today. Don’t let the second half go just because the first half has, that’s been the learning from the past few months.

There are days when I go to work and I am just sitting on my laptop doing errands (also part of my job as an individual) and pack my tote and come back home. But I stay till the day is over because I know once I am home, I am either watching a show, or talking on the phone. So I feel good to be at my work place, doing my work, showing up and being there – for me.

Send me all your love, hugs and prayers while I am 'at work'!

Sharing some of my recent work, please have a look ♥️



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