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With the grace of God, and blessings from my Parents, I started to retail my fashion pieces in the month of December and it was the most exhilarating feeling.

I attracted customers who loved my pieces and ordered them with love and blessings. Each of them owning their Whencut Goddamn pieces in their very own individualistic styles and creating a unique statement. When I went to a NYE party this 31st, I had people walking up to me and complimenting my sari which Pooja had worn (below) it made my heart expand and feel so proud of lil Whenky!!!

Sharing some of the pieces here…

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A testimonial from a client. Look forward to seeing her in my creation!

Sending out an order with Love <3

Above shown Desire Kurta

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Grateful for all the abundance of clients that have attracted my vibe and become my tribe!

Cheers to feeling fabulous in WG!

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