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The Process behind the art

As an artist, I am often asked how long I take to achieve the finale of an art piece. There is no right answer to this. To me, every journey is like finding your ultimate soul mate – it takes as long as the time it needs to! There are some pieces that flush out of your veins, unable to control themselves until they are unleashed onto the canvas… And there are like a bittersweet road trip, with many stops – to rest, to eat, to travel to many other places, sleep, wake up, forgot where you were going and then you reach your stop many times before you finally reach and you admit – Hey, I’m Done! I have arrived. Who’s to say what’s right? Each piece is a journey… some weather with time and bring a whole new perspective and mood to contribute to the painting. As each day passes, the sand settles deeper and the shoot keep evolving.

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