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Ten Hours

I was at the Studio working one morning when my phone rang. My friend was inviting me to a fashion show in Mumbai. Firstly, I love fashion and all things fashion (I am fashun duh!). Secondly, it was a city I absolutely love visiting for it has a vibe, a tribe, a flair, and not to forget the yummiest restaurants! I immediately said Yes, I would love to be there.

The show was spectacular and I loved viewing a show. It was inspiring. I envisioned my very own Whencut Goddamn Fashion show with fabulous clothes, models, music and a fantastic curated audience (and a resounding applause ofc).

The next day after a sumptuous lunch at Soho House, my friend invited me to meet an illustrious artist at her home. Mumbai is known for its pricy (yet tiny) quarters, her apartment was anything but. It was just beautiful. A space filled with tons of art collected over the years by herself, her husband and an assortment of other promising Indian artists. As we walked in, she offered us a bowlful of yummy homemade Kheer and gave us a tour of their art, and personal history of creating art.

I was wearing a Whencut Goddamn Oversized Shirt with a rainbow parrot brooch, she looked at me and smiled and said she liked my look (it made my day!). It made me feel so cool to be creating and wearing my own brand and communicating that in words… I couldn’t believe it was real. She saw my work on my phone, she scrolled through and liked two of the murals that I had created. I felt great that she took the time and interest to go through my work. When her son sat down, she introduced me as ‘a talented friend’ of my friend to her son. My eyes (and ears!) lit up.

I asked her what her process is like while creating art. She replied, “I work ten hours minimum in my studio. And maximum half an hour for lunch”. I was amazed. She was around sixty years old, a successful artist and her passion for art was alive… burning. It was so inspiring. I thought about it all the way back home on the flight (and still do!)… This didn’t shock me as much as it would to another because I do know and understand artistic passion as a fellow creator. When I sit with my art, there are times I lose track of time completely and hours fly by with my body at it – creating art. But listening to these words from her, an experienced practicing artist ignited the fire I needed for me to start my practice in my newly launched Studio.

My gratitude to her and the Universe.

Once I got back home, I created an array of work I was happy and proud of, clocking in quite a few hours everyday. People often ask after my story, ‘is it because you are working ten hours?’, I reply not ten, but this is still a win!

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