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Parsons & New York

I remember when Mum knocked on my door back in '12. Her face was

worrisome and she sat me down and asked, “We haven’t heard back from any college yet, what’s your back up?” My heart skipped a beat, as it was my turn – to answer, to stand up for myself, to get into a prestigious university.

It was like God had heard our secret conversation. The very next day, I received a huge package from Parsons – The New School. I was a complete nervous wreck and screamed out for Mum and my Sister. Mum placed the package near God and opened it with a positive prayer. My Sister asked, “Why would they send such a big package if you didn’t get in?” I chucked. “You got in!” Cheer surrounded me. I still wasn’t convinced. Drowning in self-doubt, I reread the statement three times until my Sister chimed in. See they wrote in here again in bold for you, “We are happy to welcome you to Parsons, in the heart of New York City in the Fall of 2012”.

The following week, I received yet another letter informing me that I received a scholarship including a small amount that would be deducted. It made my heart light up and I felt boastful in youthful energy, sharing it in conversations where it wasn’t required!

Truly a moment to cherish. When I got into Parsons, I was most excited about going to NYC. When I came back, I was an Old Whenky tossed into a beautiful cocktail of experiences that shaped me - both as an artist and an individual.

New York was a challenging experience for me in every way - from a shielded life where I had access to drivers and cooks on my (soft) fingers, I had to travel in the subway to do the littlest of errands through the bustling streets. Plus, I expected college to be a breeze - it was going to school for something I enjoyed thoroughly and everyone back in my city always lauded me for it.

How could it be so tough after all? With my thoughts leading this way, I got my first semester grades - 2.8 GPA, I was bewildered and enraged. It was transformational in every kind - for a person who was bullied and had a total of 1 friend through school, meeting people and being accepted for who I was was a huge journey in itself. I had to battle many monsters, laughs and sighs before I began to own my own personality, and my art.

I am happy to have worked harder each semester and graduated with a 3.8 GPA in my last semester! My parents and sister who graced my graduation were elated to see me in my element and lauded me for my thesis. We celebrated joyously with flowers, champagne & cake! <3

Whenever I am low and think to myself, "Can I do this?" I think, I graduated in time, made great art and survived in New York, "Hell Yeah I Can!"

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