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My Thatha, My Inspiration

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

I miss him terribly every single day and I have sensed umpteen dreams wherein he actually came back to life and was with me, loving me, making dinner reservations to our favorite Chinese restaurant, both of us chilling as we looked out the garden as we made silly talk or me losing yet another game of rummy to him… miss you so much Thatha.

Every time I walked into his room or he Skyped with me when I was in college (at my lowest in terms of self esteem), he would say an eager, "Hey Handsome!!!" It made me feel so seen, so special, so... handsome through his eyes! He had the knack to know exactly what to say & do to make a person's day! He boasted about me proudly to his many influential friends, encouraged me to be my best version and blessed my art always... I hope he looks down and smiles bright at who I've become today <3

If and when I ever become a grandfather, I would love to be able to leave such a lasting impression of living and loving...

Thank you for loving me and for inspiring me.

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