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I AM Strong.

There was a point in my life when I felt helpless, and often thought of myself as the victim of my own life. There was an issue, which I couldn’t wrap my head around, and Mum had suggested me to go talk it out with one of her friends. There was me – emptying out all that I had within me, the pain, the sorrow and the disappointments as she stared back at me with a smile and said,

- Leave it if its not working for you.

- Consider therapy.

It was very underwhelming and I was not satisfied. It didn’t make me feel understood on a deeper level nor did it offer any immediate solutions to my problem (which felt like fire in my space that needed to be put off).

Her husband was at home eating dinner and she asked me to stay back and talk to him… I’ve seen him my entire life but being so shy I had never interacted with him and I had my own set of apprehensions.

That day something changed.

When I began to speak about my problems he asked me “Why don’t you speak up?” if you don’t like what’s being done to you?

I said, I… I can’t… I am weak, tears rolling down my eyes as I spoke.

He raised his voice, “You are Strong!” admit that first.

When I think back to this day, I remember feeling so much better just listening to that. This is a strong statement because it is an affirmation without any outsider's validation (than from the self - which is of highest value) and also takes an active 'choice' and moves out of the victim helpless mentality and behavior.

I am strong. I am capable of realizing my own dreams, which I have put my heart and mind to.

I am an abundant source of passion, talent, self-love, compassion, and authenticity. These are my strengths that define me and I create my Now with awareness and responsibility towards myself.

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