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Creating my Studio Space

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Mum always told me, get your own space, it will be yours and it will be special, it will churn out great work and you’ll have a schedule. Space sets work in motion. I wanted one too, I dreamed of it. I was always a bit hesitant – maybe the right time hadn’t struck yet. I had always heard construction was a big headache, interior decorators were a pain in _ and worker delays were expected at the least. I didn’t want to put my energy into these thoughts until… this was exactly what turned out to be true.

Mostly how I dealt with this was me just ranting to anyone willing to hear my sob story. Until Mum stopped and asked, “why is this happening to you?” I paused and reflected. I had given in to others and believed their words and not actions (yet again Whenky!) and not followed up on things I was meant to. I didn’t reach out to people who knew better to pitch in to ask how I could help myself.

I was adamant on the things I wanted.

THE gold accent wall!!!

A corian stone white table.

A texture paint ceiling for one side of the room.

An art deco themed cupboard and bathroom door.

What I wanted was a simple, sweet room – I was astonished that these were so hard to finish within the given time. It unnerved me…

I did what I had to.

I poured in renewed energy. I cut off touch with the interior team who was working on my team – they didn’t reply to messages, care about the progress (even now!) of my room or have the knowledge or service that a team handling such a project should. I have realized I can’t work or talk with half assed people or projects – I want it all – I need full passion, commitment and love (not to forget – basic respect and decency to get back to messages). But in my calmer state, I realized I was paired with people of such caliber for the Inner Kali in me to come out and do the work.

I put on my big boy pants and got my hands dirty! And, Voila! I am proud to say I did it! The Whencut Goddamn Studio is now Open! I have had people walk in through my beautiful Gold Door with my monogram and say, “I feel the energy of this space…” It is primarily a space for me to work in, to be in my Zen zone… to be and to create great art! It truly is. Every morning I come to TWGS I light an agarbati, read a few pages of an inspirational book and start creating…

Thank you dear Universe for a beautiful working space.

The Studio includes – the Iconic WG Brass Logo, artwork on display, the Limited Edition WG Fashion Line, the art Catalogue and… most importantly, me, a la, the Artist himself!

The Studio is available for visit on appointment.

Please email to book one.

For more updates do follow @whencut_goddamn

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